At Collar At Ya our products are made to be durable and tough, however, like with anything, you need to care for your gear in the appropriate way for it to last!

Whilst we repair/replace items with defects, we will not repair/replace items that have not been cared for as per our recommendations within this care guide. This also applies for items that:

  • have bite marks
  • have been dragged (e.g. a lead left on your pet during an outing and dragged along the ground)
  • have visible salt/dirt build up
  • have large scratches and/or dents
  • have been used in salt water

Over time there are also a few normal wear and tear things that you can expect to see happen over time.

To ensure you get the longest life out of your gear please follow our guide below!

* Do not machine wash any of our products*


Biothane is an incredibly strong PVC coated webbing that has a soft feel and comes in an array of colours. It is waterproof, flexible, stink proof and colours don’t excessively fade due to UV exposure which makes it extremely low maintenance – perfect for adventure dog gear!


Our hardware is solid brass with a protective coating for extra durability.

The protective coating, which also gives the hardware it’s colour, helps to prevent dezincification, which is where the zinc is attacked and preferentially removed from within the brass alloy causing it to weaken over time – this is common where it has come in contact with salt water and not cleaned after use.

Over time with use, it is normal for this protective coating to wear and cause the colour of the hardware to change and show the solid brass colouring underneath. This change is aesthetic only and does not affect the durability of the hardware. How quickly this occurs and the degree of which it happens will depend on how often the products are used, how they are used and how well they are cared for.

Actions such as (but not limited to) your pet scratching, rolling on the ground, lead snaps and name tags rubbing against the hardware will cause faster wear and tear. Wear and tear is not a failure of the hardware.


  • The easiest and quickest way to clean your gear is to wipe it down with a damp cloth, sponge, or baby wipe after every use to remove everyday salt and dirt – this is recommended after every use!
  • Gold standard is to submerge your gear in warm soapy water and wipe down completely with a cloth or sponge after every use to remove everyday dirt and salt. DO NOT use anything heavily abrasive like steel wool, a scour or scrubbing brush as this can damage/scratch the Biothane and hardware.
  • Completely dry your gear before storing and never leave on your pet to dry.
  • If there is stubborn dirt you can spray a mild cleaner or rubbing alcohol directly on the spot, let it sit, and wipe with a cloth to help remove

While Biothane can withstand most dirt and grime it comes across, please note that it is not completely stain proof in all circumstances – please DO NOT write on it with pen or a permanent marker!


Sand, debris and minerals such as salt can get stuck in the snap hook’s mechanism over time and cause it to stiffen, please DO NOT force the snap open as this may break the internal spring. Rinsing your snap after each adventure will help in keeping it clear.

If you do find your snap hook becomes stiff you can do the following:

  • Place your snap hook into a container slightly larger than it.
  • Pour white vinegar into the container so that it completely covers your snap hook.
  • Allow it to soak in the vinegar for anywhere between 1-4 hours depending on how sniff it is. You can press the trigger every 30 minutes to see whether it has loosened so you do not soak for longer than necessary.
  • Once you are happy with how the snap hook trigger is feeling remove from the vinegar and press and release it multiple times whilst thoroughly rinsing with fresh water.
  • Place a drop of olive oil or other lubricant such as WD40 in the opening underneath the snap hook trigger to lubricate the spring and mechanism.


  • Harsh chemical cleaners: these can damage both the Biothane and hardware
  • Topical flea/tick products and spray on bug repellent: these can cause the plasticizers (what gives the PVC its soft feel) to react, harden over time and in rare cases cause cracking.
  • Extreme heat and/or cold: extreme weather can damage the Biothane with long exposure
  • Storing wet: whilst Biothane is waterproof and a perfect product for your pets wet adventures, it is important to completely dry all components of the collars before storing away to avoid premature wearing of the hardware.
  • Leaving your collars on your dogs 24/7. Your dogs natural oils can draw moisture out of the biothane causing it to harden and crack over time.

Should you have any questions regarding caring for your products please feel free to email us at or via the contact page on our website.