Buckleguy PVD Black Matte Solid Brass D-Ring

Buckleguy PVD Black Matte Solid Brass D-Ring

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Finish: PVD Black Matte

About PVD Black: PVD = "Physical Vapor Deposition"

  • PVD is a highly accurate plating process carried out in high vacuum environments at temperatures between 150 and 500 *C. It produces an extremely (emphasize EXTREMELY) durable finish to prevent scratching. Typically, black hardware that is found in the marketplace is not PVD, and is generally considered a black spray paint, causing it to chip and scratch off within days. PVD plating is the process used to plate high-end watch hardware, golf clubs, etc., and the only successful way to make a black that will not wear off. The PVD process is more intensive and is thus reflected in the price per piece. 

Sizes: Size refers to inside dimension

  • 5/8" - (15.9 mm)
  • 3/4" - (19.0 mm)
  • 1" - (25.4 mm)
  • 1-1/4" - (31.8 mm)

Material Thickness:

  • 5/8" = 3.7mm (0.14")
  • 3/4" = 4.4mm (0.17")
  • 1" = 4.7mm (0.19")
  • 1-1/4" = 5.9mm (0.23")

Material: Solid Brass-LL