What is Biothane?

All of our products are made of Beta Biothane® which is a vegan alternative to leather with a soft and supple texture that mimics the look and feel of leather but without the upkeep and is SO MUCH stronger and more durable than nylon or leather. It is also easy to clean, waterproof, stink-proof, mold and mildew resistant and abrasion resistant!

What if I don’t see what I’m looking for?

We are all about making a product you will love and love making custom products too! If you are looking for a style or product that we don't have listed please let us know! We are happy to change a design aspect of our products or create a brand new one to suit your individual needs!

How do I clean my gear?

Please refer to our Care Guide for information on how to correctly clean your gear.

    What is the hardware made from?

    All of our hardware is made from sand-cast solid brass! It is normal for the hardware to tarnish over time, however this may be removed by polishing and not affect the integrity of the hardware. As our black hardware is coated brass, the black coating cannot be polished.

    My dog is a puller! Is your gear strong?

    Our strapping is extremely strong with a break load of 453kg per 1", which is perfect for those strong pullers!

    Since the hardware pieces are solid, not welded, they are much more sturdy than others! It is normal for the hardware to tarnish, however this can be removed with standard metal polished and will look like new!

    What is the difference between crusade and classic buckles?

    The Classic and Crusade buckles are different in style. The Crusade buckle has a built in keeper for extra security if the strapping. Black is also only currently available in the Crusade style.

    What is a function of a multi-lead?

    Mulit-leads are an incredibly versatile product! The snaps at either end as well as the multiple d-rings places along the length allows the lead to be changes in length, used to wrap around your waist or shoulders (therefore making it a hands free lead), attach to two dogs as a lead splitter and much more!

    Are you looking for ambassadors?

    We are always looking to work with people and their pets who love our products as much as we do! A few times per year we hold ambassador searches and highly encourage everyone to apply.

    What size/width do you recommend for my dog?

    As all dogs are different in size we cannot recommend a size, however please see below our guide:

    Width Guide:
    15mm for XXS and XS
    20mm or 25mm for S
    25mm or 38mm for M, L and XL

    Size Guide (with common breed examples):
    XXS and XS - Chihuahua, Basenji, Miniature Pinscher, Papillon.
    S - Bichon Frise, Havanese, Jack Russel, Pug, Whippet
    M - Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Australian Shepherd, Greyhound, Kelpie, Blue Heeler.
    L – Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Swiss Shepherd, Rottweiler,
    XL and above – Great Dane, Mastiff, Burmese Mountain Dog, St. Bernard, Newfoundland.